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Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett - British Pop Star 

Member of G.R.L. and featured on the 2011 video "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. 

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b.  23 June 1989

Brea Bennett

Brea Bennett - American Porn Actress

American pornographic actress; 82 adult films.

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b. 7 Feb 1987, Mesa, Arizona, USA

m. Married as of 2014

Belle Bennett

Belle Bennett - American stage & screen actress

about 10 movies; circus performer (trapeze); stage

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b. 22 Apr 1891, Milaca, Minnesota, USA

m. Jack Oaker; William Macy; and Fred Windermere

d. 4 Nov 1932 (age 41).

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Sheila Bennett - Fictional Character

Fictional witch from the "Vampire Chronicles" played by actress Kat Graham.

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Barbara Bennett

Barbara Jane Bennett - American film actress

64 films between 1915 and 1931

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b. 13 Aug 1906, Palisades Park, NJ, USA

m. Morton Downey Sr. (m. 1929 - 1941); 5 children; divorced

m. Addison Randall (m. 1941 - 1945) his death

m. Laurent Suprenant (m. 1954 - 1958) her death

d. 8 Aug 1958, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Suicide.

See her sister, Joan Bennett, for more information.

Alma Bennett

Alma Bennett - American film actress

64 films between 1915 and 1931

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b. 9 Apr 1904, Seattle, Washington, USA

m. Harry Springler

d. 16 Sep 1958, Los Angeles, California, USA

Bruce Bennett

born Harold Herman Brix 

American Actor and Olympic Silver Medalist

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Not really a Bennett...

b. 19 May 1906 - d. 24 Feb 2007

Naftali Bennett

Naftalki Bennett - Israeli politician

b. , USA

d. parents.

Manu Bennett


Spartacus, The Hobbit.

Famous Bennett's

"I've always been famous, it's just no one knew it yet!  -  Lady Gaga

Known as:

Alma Bennett - Actress

Barbara Bennett - Actress.

Belle Bennett - Film Actress

Bonnie Bennett - Fictional witch from the "Vampire Chronicles" played by Kat Graham

Brea Bennett - American pornographic actress.

Bruce Bennett - Actor

Christine Scott Bennett

Cle' Bennett - Canadian actor

Constance Bennett - Actor.

Eliza Bennett - English teen actor and singer.

Estelle Bennett - American musician

Haley Bennett - American actress and singer.

Harold Bennett - British Actor

Hywel Bennett - Actor

Jeff Bennett - Voice actor

Jill Bennett - American actress.

Jimmy Bennett - American actor.

Johanna Bennett - British Songwriter.

Jonathan Bennett - American actor.

Joseph Bennett - English actor.

Lauren Bennett - British Singer. Member of G.R.L. and video "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO

Manu Bennett - Actor. "Crixus" in TV series, "Spartacus"; "Azog the Defiler" in The Hobbit

Marjorie Bennett - Actress

Margo Bennett - American actress.

Matt Bennett - Actor.

Matthew Bennett - Canadian actor.

Meighan Bennett - French Model.

Michael Bennett - American choreographer

Michele Bennett - Austrailian Film/TV Producer.

Mike Bennett - American wrestler

Naftali Bennett - Israeli politician. b. 25 Mar 1972 -

Paris Bennett - American singer.

Pete Bennett - British Reality TV actor.

Richard Bennett - Actor

Rosalind Bennett - Stage, screen, and television actress

Shannon Bennett (male) - 

Skye Bennett - English American teen actress

Sonja Bennett - Canadian Actress

Sophie Bennett - Canadian actor and singer

Stu Bennett - Professional Wrestler

Tony Bennett - Singer.

William J. "Bill" Bennett - Politician, Author.

Zachary Bennett - Canadian actor