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The Bennett Family

1628 - 1910

By Edgar B. Bennett.  E. B. Bennett, Publisher, 1910.  East Berlin, Connecticut  

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Genealogies are profitable, inasmuch as they are of great interest to all descendants, and become more and more so to future generations in tracing back their lineage. There is a growing interest in many families in this respect, and family pride is increasing with a desire to know more of one's ancestors. 
In this my first attempt to prepare a family genealogy, it has been my aim and purpose to make it as correct, accurate and complete as possible. However, in some respects the work is incomplete, owing to the failure of a very few of the connections to respond to inquiries for information and data. 
​ The design of this genealogy is to perpetuate the memory of our worthy ancestors, Edward, Samuel, John, William and Captain Thaddeus Bennett, and to gather in one volume the names of their many descendants. 
I acknowledge myself indebted to many of the friends in furnishing information for this genealogy. 

K. B. BENNETT. East Berlin, Conn., April, 1910. 

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