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Max C. Bennett's Family 

Bennett's from 2014 back to 960 AD!
From Indiana, to N. Carolina to Virginia to England to Normandy, France   More...

Building a Bennett Life

Using census data, newspaper clippings, official dates, Enumerator information, maps, and historical data, I built stories that are as close to fact as we may ever get.  Start with Owen Bennett and see what you think! More...

Number of Bennett's in my database:

Mar 2023


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Bennett's of Jamestown Colony

We Bennett's are leaders as evidenced by the Bennett's of Jamestown Colony.  Meet them here.   More...

Bennett Medals of Honor

Being a Bennett means we are related to heroes and villains.  Meet the best Bennett's there are!   More...

For all your Bennett Genealogical needs...

So, I love genealogy and I know you do too... I am linked into,, and a ton of other sites but this site is specifically a Bennett site.  Some stories need to be told; some pictures need to be seen; some tears need to be shed.  I hope this site helps you understand who you are, where you came from, and what your potential can be. Shakespeare asked, "What's in a name?", let's find out!